the Painting

«Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.»

Charity is a mother of all virtues.

Our ambitious project was imagined 16 years ago in 2006. The artist’s vision was a representation of our unique world and was created by a talented Ukrainian artist who hails from the city of Cherkasy.

Artist Nedoskin Lev with unfinished painting. (March 2006)

After waiting in the wings for a long time, we feel that now is the right time for this masterpiece to shine. The project is symbolic of truth and is composed of various meaningful symbols. The idea behind this original artwork is to express a common message — a solution to the impasse of identities and ideas that emphasises that we, the citizens of the world, have much more in common, beyond the borders that have divided us.

Sentebale: An Enigma Waiting to Be Decoded

The project is an enigma that has puzzled viewers and critics alike. While we would love to share everything about it, we would like to divulge little, keeping an element of mystery. We wish for viewers to decode the meaning of the picture when they see it.

We have noted that global religious movements have seen the emergence of several archetypes. A recurrent archetype is that of the Great Mother, who is a synthesis of nobility, virtue, truth and beauty. The Mother is the force that creates, preserves and nurtures a child, while mentoring them throughout the ups and downs of life. A strong pillar of support and a manifestation of wisdom and charity, the Mother is hailed by great philosophers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who equated her with the society due to the sheer influence they wield on the child’s mental evolution and the formation of their personality.

The Mother symbolises true wisdom and generosity. Charity is a prominent element in her persona, along with abundance and  pragmatic wisdom. To deliver enough according to one’s needs is the Great Mother's virtue that sustains the world.

Thus, wisdom and charity are also accompanied by peace, hope and justice. These eternal values power our initiative which aims to raise funds for children in war-torn Ukraine via futuristic NFTs. The Sentebale project helps us envision a world which is a home to millions.

The vibrant picture is symbolic of our aspiration where we see good thoughts, good words and good deeds in action.

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